Donation to "Save the Children"

due to closure of the EuroWaxPack organisation
22. December 2022

Donation to "Save the Children"

Due to the closure of EuroWaxPack (European Association of Manufacturers of Waxed Packaging Materials) earlier this year, a charitable organisation had to be found to which the remaining membership fees should be donated.

We are pleased that we were able to hand over the donation (amount in the mid five-figure range) from EuroWaxpack to the charity "Save The Children" for humanitarian aid for children. On behalf of the Executive Board, the members and the staff of EuroWaxPack, a "Paper Cheque" was handed over to the employees of "Save the Children" at the offices in The Hague.

It was really nice to see how the donation was appreciated.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring a warm and good message on our behalf and to make a positive impact with a meaningful financial help.